Radio Repair Services

Cardinal Wireless’s in-house radio repair service has more than 30 years experience repairing two-way radios. All repairs include:

  • Parts, labor, and UPS Ground Shipping back to you
  • 90-day warranty
  • 4-5 day turnaround (call for estimate on factory repairs)
  • May exclude radios with physical damage, water damage, housing replacement or replacement of optional features such as DTMF, tone boards, scrambling/encryption, etc. We will notify you if we believe your radio is not worth repairing, and charge a shipping fee if you want your radio returned.

Warranty Repairs For:

  • Kenwood
  • Maxon/Midland
  • Ritron
  • Vertex/Standard
  • 3M/Peltor

Non-Warranty Repairs For All of the Above Plus:

  • Motorola
  • Radius
  • Spirit
  • Uniden
  • Icom
  • Yaesu
  • EF Johnson

Repair Rates:

  • $55 per radio, plus parts. Call for current rates on Motorola factory repairs.
  • $30 bench check fee.
  • If our technician determines your radio can be repaired for $75 or less, the repair will be implemented.
  • Estimates over $75 are subject to your authorization. Prices are current as of 02/13 and are subject to change.


  • $20 per radio.

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