Other Specialty Products

Batteries for radios and pagers

Need new batteries for your 2-way radios or pagers? Like to have spare batteries on hand to ensure you have power when you need it? Look no further than Cardinal Wireless. We carry a complete line of Kenwood, Motorola, Vertex Standard, and Power Products rechargeable batteries for virtually every make and model of two-way radio and pager systems.

Battery conditioners 

We also carry iCharge intelligent battery charging and conditioning systems that help you achieve faster charging and longer battery life.


Police…fire and rescue…military...marine...transportation…motor sports...no matter what your application, you need antennas you can count on for durability, dependability, and superior performance. Cardinal Wireless Inc. carries a complete line of industry-leading antennas and mounts for virtually any application: mobile antennas, mounts, base station antennas, portable antennas, WiFi solutions, and more. Contact us and let us help you choose exactly the right products for your needs.

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